About Us

About Us

Our shop www.skinsuits.ru works in the market of fitness and equipment since 2010. During this time we were able to get a good reputation among our customers, expanding the range and listen to your comments and suggestions.


We sell it professional form and equipment mainly second hand, but are also present in the sale and brand new things. On some second-hand goods are damaged, but as a rule they are easily eliminated in the workshop. The fact of damage necessarily mentioned in the product description and photo of goods, as well the product is sold at a lower price.


If you have any questions before buying, please contact us, communication methods specified in the contact section.


We sell sport wear all national teams:







And many other teams


Note the important fact that before the sale items and sending the customer directly tested antibacterial treatment with high pressure steam, which prevents ingress of things and the presence of bacteria and parasites, the presence of odors, etc. This is especially important for underwear, sports uniforms, things made of natural materials (leather, fur)


We give 100% guarantee of full compliance, ordered item description, which you see on his page before you buy. However, if you is not enough information presented, you can always request it from us, using the contact from Contacts.



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